Final Recap of Google SEO Manual Penalty – How It Got Removed. Sort of…

We’re Back! is re-indexed in Google.

This means that you can find us in Google.  While we had the Manual Spam Penalty, you could not find this website in Google.  This means we were de-indexed.  That is the penalty.  Google kicks you off Google, so that no one can find your website on Google, which means you won’t get any visitors to your website from the largest, most heavily trafficked website in the world.

It’s not good to get a manual penalty from Google (especially if you’re a blog about SEO!).

This is the last update about the penalty.  On the last update, which you can read here: I Got a Manual Spam Penalty from Google REMOVED! But, I don’t know how, the Manual Penalty had been removed, but this website still wasn’t showing up in Google’s index.

If you don’t show up in Google, then it’s the same as having a penalty.  We’ll you can now Google “evolver intensives” or “” or “evolver intensives SEO tools” and you will see us!

This means we are fully back and healthy again.

If you’d like to read the first post (where I was panicking), you can read that here:

I made a video explaining as much as I know and what I learned about the process that you can watch here:

I hope that this new blog post gets indexed in Google!