Free Google SEO Tools for Your Website – That I Use All The Time

Most Free Stuff is Complete Garbage, but…

Ok, ok, I know I just said most free stuff is garbage.

And it is.

If it was worth something, it should be charged for.  And people should want it and want to pay for it.

But in the land of the internet, trust is a valuable thing and it’s hard to get.  That’s why, it can be useful to give away some stuff for free.

That’s what I’m doing in this post, giving away free SEO advice!


I still maintain that most free stuff is junk.  But here are some of the free tools I use everyday when doing SEO on my client’s websites.  F.Y.I. I run an SEO agency focused on local client SEO.  That’s how I know about this stuff.

Ok, here we go.


Moz Bar Extension
Keywords Everywhere Extension
No Follow Extension
Adwords Preview tool:
Google Mobile Freindly Test:
Google Page Speed Insights:
Google Structured Data (Schema) Testing Tool:
Google Search: It’s probably unnecessary to give you that link, huh?
Google Trends:

Moz local tool:

(Not Strictly SEO) Tools

WordPress Embeds:

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This is an embed from  Embeds are a great way to make your articles more interesting, increase engagement, and time spent on the page, all of which are good for SEO.




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