How To Find Good Quality But Low Traffic Keywords for Local SEO

How To Use to Find Valuable Keywords When You Have Low Search Volume

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Hi there I’m the SEO Biz Builder and I’m going to show you how to find how to find valuable keywords when you’re dealing with a low search volume, a situation. This is how I use to find keywords when I have a low search volume situation. I’m going to come at this through how I use it, which is client SEO.

I have a SEO agency and people come to me, they need help with their business, they want to get to the top of Google. Sometimes they come to me and they’re in a small town.

At first I wouldn’t even know how to help these folks, but then I started learning. That was awhile ago.

How to find Good Keywords with Little to No Monthly Search Volume

So now what happens when I’m working with someone and there’s a low search volume situation. So for this example, we’re gonna. We’re gonna use the town of Bath, North Carolina. I just googled and I found this place.

It’s Bath, North Carolina, this is oldest town in NC. It sounds small, found it by googling for small towns. So let’s just go up here and say Beth, North Carolina population?

Okay. So this is tiny. This is terrible. This is a worst case scenario.

I was thinking of like 20,000 or 50,000 people that. Okay. But we’re still gonna do the same thing, right? So let’s say we have a dentist in bath, North Carolina, and we want to, we want to see what we can rank for a dentist. Okay. Bath Family Dental.

Yeah. Okay. So you know, these guys are probably ranking just off of their domain name. Super Small Town, right? So we want to figure out what keywords can bring us search volume.

Analyze the Big Cities

And so if you, if you do the standard, you know, use a served and go to the Keyword Analyzer, you’re gonna you’re just not going to find search volume for these types of things. So what I do is even though I’m working with someone in Bath, North Carolina, this is what I’m gonna do, I’m going to the biggest cities by population: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Houston. Okay.

So we’ll go Houston dentist because we got a Bath dentist, but Houston West Chase dentist, My Signature Smiles. So these guys got to be doing something because they don’t even have it in their domain and they don’t have any keywords in their domain name and so “smiles”, which is barely one.

How I use

So let’s take that and then we’ll go over to Let’s go to the What Ranks Where tool. Go here. Let’s go top 75. Position or traffic, whatever. I always do whole site. You can do exact URL, whatever. Whatever you feel comfortable with it. Okay. Now.

So here you see how it’s SVOL? Monthly search volume. Let’s go here. Let’s search. Okay. So signature smiles, that’s not really gonna work for us. So we could just start compiling a list of keywords, right? So it’s not Houston dentists, but we’ll probably want dentists obviously. And we’re in bath. So we want that dentist because these guys are going after Houston. Um, we could use that one best pediatric dentist.

What else?

Best dentist for kids. Braces. Well it kinda depends on if our person does braces.

We could do dental office, bath instead of Houston root canal meme and root canal, root canal Bath. Best pediatric dentist. And we already got that one, so anyway, you can see what we have here. We’ve got some stuff we can go after.

Now of course the volumes going to be really small, but people still, and I did 75. We could just keep going if we want. The volume is going to be small, but these are still things that people search for. Dentist crown, meme? I don’t know what that means. Signature smiles, tooth extraction meme, weekend dentist, weekend dentists, Bath. Maybe. Oh, here’s one. This is an important one. So you would do dentist and then the zip code. So whatever Bath, or wherever you are, and zip code.

This is how you find search volume. And that’s how, that’s how I do it anyway. I just go here and then I could, you know, you can just, you could go to Dallas or you could do my Miami, or whatever big cities. And then you get. I mean I just did the first one, but you could do several other ones on the top page.

This is Simple Enough, right?

That way you can get a list of keywords to go after and it’ll give you some long tail stuff and of course then you get throw it in the Keyword Analyzer, throw it in the Long Tail Keywords, something like that. But that is a really simple way. That’s how I solve that problem. For the longest time I didn’t know what to do, but then I started, I was doing SEO for longer and longer and realized you do get search volume for searches that Google says gets zero searches.

People do search for these things like the niche and the zip code. That’s a common one. People do look for root canal, root canals. And so I hope that helps. That’s what I do and it works pretty good.

So if you’re dealing with a low search volume situation, go elsewhere, see what’s working. You’re obviously not gonna get that much search volume compared to what the big cities are, but you’re going to beat everybody you’re going against because not everybody does.

It took me years to figure that one out. Anyway, I hope this helps. If you have questions, let me know and as always I’m doing these little tutorials because you have a link here and it’d be really great if you did purchase a subscription to, if you would be so kind as to purchase it through my link. If not, you can still obviously use this tutorial, but it would help me out.

All right, well thanks a lot.

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