Search Engine Optimization Techniques to Improve Traffic

You’ve got a fabulous new website, you’ve spent time and care getting it just right, now all you need are people to see it. It’s time to implement some effective search engine optimization techniques to help drive in some targeted traffic. We have put together a few popular methods to help you achieve this.

Research your Keywords

There are tons of ways to blindly get traffic to your site, there are plenty of blackhat methods and services that can automate this. However, this will rarely lead to success and is useless if you want targeted visitors with an interest in what your website is offering. This is where keywords become an important factor in search engine optimization techniques. To gain a top position within search rankings, you need to apply the right keywords. Your keywords should be descriptive and should quickly inform the readers of what your website content is about, and obviously should be related to your website. Try to use keywords which have a fairly large volume of searches but less competition also uses long tail keywords, the Google keyword tool will aid you in this.

Write Articles

The main reason that people use the Internet, is to source information. A great way to present this information is in the form of articles. Which leaves articles as a powerful and search engine optimization techniques to get traffic to your website. You’re probably rolling your eyes right now, thinking I can’t write an article or I don’t have the time. The truth is, it’s not that difficult and you can pace yourself by writing one article per week. There are also plenty of writers out there that will be willing to write your articles for you for a reasonable fee. I would certainly be worth the effort as original, engaging articles is one of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your site.

Join Relevant Forums

Another way to gain more traffic is to join forums. There are literally thousands of forums out there and there should be no problems finding a forum within your niche market. Just type ‘your keyword’ and ‘forum’ into Google, join up and become part of their community. Use your forum signature to add a link to your website and become as active as possible, the more posts you make the more links to your site you get. Also, the more active you become the more likely fellow forum members will want to visit your website.

Release a Press Release

Releasing a Press Release can boost traffic. It gets the word out to media sources about your website or services and can often result in good traffic. The key here is to update regularly. If you are consistently updating your website, release press releases monthly.

PPC Advertising

PPC: Pay per click advertising, the most common being Google Adwords. In a nutshell, you bid for your ad to be shown on Google by selecting keywords and an amount that you are willing to pay if someone clicks on your advert if someone searches for your keyword your ad will be shown in the sponsored listings section of Google’s search results page. Although it is paid to advertise, it does provide highly targeted traffic.

Offer Something for Free

We all love getting something for nothing! Very effective search engine optimization techniques to bring in traffic are to offer something for free. This could be an ebook, free service, free graphics or a nifty little application. Once you’ve got something to offer, let everyone know. Post on forums, bookmark your site with websites such as Digg. If its good, you’ll have people flooding to your site.

Comment on Blogs

Comment on other peoples blogs. Be careful here though, as you don’t want to seem like a spammer and just have the comment deleted. Read the post, if you an opinion comment, just remember to include your website link. Try to search for blogs that have a page rank and that are relevant to your blog. You will get backlinks and hopefully some good traffic with it.

Provide Good Content

The last and also very important is content. Content is a king, if your website has lots of good articles that are useful, unique and interesting and informative and most importantly regularly updated, your visitors will love it and will not only regularly return to your website but possibly even promote it too.