Should SEO be Your Main Marketing Strategy?

Here is a transcript from the video:

Hey guys, I’m the SEOBizBuilder and today I’m going to do something a little different, I’m going to do a video answer of a question that I got.

Now I answer SEO and digital marketing questions on Google on Quora on Twitter and on a bunch of different places on the internet. I really like this question and I wanted to go in depth on this answer.

This one came through on it says, “Should SEO be my primary online marketing channel?”

So obviously I’m biased I build websites and businesses based on free traffic from the internet and Google. Just want to be clear about where my biases are.

Going into that should it (SEO) be your primary marketing channel marketing strategy?

Here’s The Answer:

It depends.

It’s like everything in SEO. It depends.

So I know people and myself included that have built, well people who have built a lot bigger businesses than I have, and all they use is SEO.

All they’re using is free traffic from Google and also other sites on the internet, but they do it just with SEO or search engine optimization. Of course, I have met great copywriters, direct response copywriters and I have met folks that are great at paid marketing, and they won’t even touch SEO.

They based their entire business on a different form of marketing and that’s cool too. And then there’s some SEO’s who got really good at SEO and then they also build on top of that paid marketing, and YouTube marketing, which is paid marketing, and content marketing, and all sorts of other stuff.

So it depends on what you’re good at. And what you want to do, really you want to figure out what your strengths are, so is it your primary one.

It should be your primary marketing source it just depends. For me it is search engine optimization.

How I got into SEO

I got to tell you a quick little story how I got into search engine optimization. I wanted to write direct response ads, like those mailers you get, or a headline that gets you to open up an email, or submit your email to get a free case study or whatever.

That’s direct response advertising. I wanted to do that but I couldn’t find anyone to hire me to do that because I had no experience. So I had a pressure washer and it was like well heck I’ll just start writing mailers out and getting see if I can get people to hire me to do the pressure washing.

I didn’t know anything about pressure washing but that’s exactly what I did. I read books like these, The Ultimate Sales Letter, shout out to Dan Kennedy. He’s a direct response guy marketing guru.

So I built a business on doing mailers and I didn’t like that business because I don’t didn’t like pressure washing but I did like the marketing aspect of it. And I was looking on ways to improve the marketing of that and that’s when I learned search engine optimization and I realized, oh I’ll just build a website for pressure washing in the town I was living in at the time.

And then I would get calls in day and night and I wouldn’t have to send out mailers all the time which cost a bunch of money.

And so that worked great for me and I transitioned over to SEO and I got goodat SEO and I built a marketing company and that’s what I do for local businesses.

I help them and I work on their websites and get them to the top of Google get them more customers but now I’m also transitioning back to learning and trying to get better at copywriting once again. To stack that on top of search engine optimization because if I can get a website and get all that traffic now I want to get better at converting that traffic.

Go with Your Strengths

So it just depends. If you’re really good at conversion, you need traffic. If you’re really good at traffic it’ll help you if you’re if you know a little bit of conversion. So, the question is should, SEO be my main marketing channel? The answer is, it depends. It is for me but I say go with what you’re good at.

All right, let me know what you think of this format if you guys have questions just let me know let me know in the comments.

Maybe I’ll make another video if I get another good question. All right. Thanks a lot.