Common mistake

Here is an Unpopular Opinion: Your website doesn’t need to have a security certificate, HTTP(s), to rank well in Google.

HTTPS is a conversion issue. If you don’t have the S, web browsers like Google’s Chrome, will say “Not Secure” right next to your domain name, which is not good.

Customers want to see that trust symbol.

Now there is a common misconception in the SEO community, that if you don’t have SSL, your site will get demoted.  This idea is bolstered from popular articles on the topic like this one from Wired Magazine.

And if non-SSL sites get demoted, the having the SSL might give you a boost in Google rankings.

But the SSL certificate doesn’t help with ranking at the top of Google searches. There are plenty of sites with just HTTP ranking for competitive searches.

Sorry to burst your bubble.  It’s not that easy to rank at the top of Google.

Focus on what matters.

This being said, I do recommend getting the SSL certificate for you website.

Your website is simply the online version of your business. Your business needs to look good and customers need to feel safe.

This website has the HTTP(S), just look at the search bar.

But SSL little to nothing to do with ranking.