What Is a Good Source To Get Traffic To Your Website?

What Is a Good Way To Get SEO Traffic To Your Website?

Transcript of the video:

Hi there, and thanks for checking this video out. It’s another video about SEO Q&A.


And today’s question is:

what is a good source to get traffic to your website?

Now this is a really great question because there is so many different ways to do it.

What search engine optimization is based off of is free traffic on the internet from search engines like Google.

If you’re a Dallas dentist, that person is gonna get traffic. These guys, these guys, these guys, (the first three business listings in Google Maps) they’ll probably get traffic. Or they will get decent traffic for people looking for dentists in the Dallas area.

The lower you go, the less traffic you get.

And then of course you go to page two, three. You get back to three and four, no one is gonna see you. Not many people see you on page two, but a couple folks do. That’s one way, you could get it (traffic/visitors) through search engines.

But if you’re a local business, if you’re a local dentist, I highly recommend becoming a member of your local chamber of commerce. If you get listed on the chamber of commerce website, then folks who are other chamber members might see you. And let’s see if we can go to that member directory.

Anyway, so folks could be on here, and they can see you, and they could click on your website through here. See, the member directory. You could get traffic there, see. Oh, I want to talk to somebody in real estate, they could find you through there. That’s a good way, your chamber.

Marketing That Works for Your Business

And it kind of depends on your strengths. One of the things I can do is I’m in local networking works, and on … Sorry, about my phone. And on chambers of commerce. In my local networking groups, I might offer them a free SEO evaluation, or audit, and give them a link to my website, and people might take me up on that. You could get traffic that way, and that’s just word of mouth in a networking group.

You can get traffic all over the place, you just got to get creative.

On the internet, I mean, it kind of depends on what you’re good at. You can get traffic off of Quora. This question came from Quora. You could go on Quora, and if you provide really good questions, you can maybe get people to click on the link to your website. Or you could get traffic obviously off of YouTube, Vimeo. You can get traffic off of social media of course. It kind of depends on what you’re good at.

Another one, another good one is forums.

If I’m a dentist, and I go to dental forums, yeah. I could hook up with one of these forums, Dentaltown, that’s a big one. And I could go on Dentaltown, and I could post questions, and I could answer … Especially, answering like really good … Putting out really good answers, and then you kind of get known on a forum, and then people will click to your website, or they ask you more questions. It’s kind of like a more niched out version of Quora. There is a whole bunch of different ways that you can get traffic on the internet.

Ads in the Mail Still Work

You can also do it through doing a direct mailer in like a local neighborhood, if you’re a local business, and you can send them an offer on your website. There are so many different things that you can do to get traffic to your website.

But this is what won’t work, if you just sit back and hope it’s gonna happen.

Get out there, try a bunch of different things, answer questions on forums. Post in different social medias, try and drive traffic through your local businesses, and through speaking events, and see what works. But there is a lot of different ways. It’s marketing. How can you market your business? Get your name out there, and try it because you’re not gonna know what works unless you try.

I hope you found this helpful. And as always if you have any questions, just let me know, and I’ll do my best to answer.